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Sale on Gen 3 Flat-Pack Stoves + a Free Pair of compact Side Toasters (a $12.99 value) + Free US shipping for every Flat-Pack Stove ordered. 

This is a deal we offered two years ago, even though the costs of Titanium and stainless steel have gone up significantly since then (e.g. a competing stove that the Siege Stove outperformed in a magazine review, and which is not even 100% titanium is now $220 on Amazon). Fortunately, we still have some stoves in stock from our large 2020 titanium order. Order yours now!

Recommendation: A popular option is to order an extra set of universal Cross-Members with the Flat-Pack Stove (the stove comes with its own set), so that one has the option of creating a second stove from any empty can. With the extra set, one can open a can of food, empty the contents into a pot, and while that is cooking on the Flat-Pack Stove, use the extra set of Cross-Members to quickly turn the can into a second stove, enabling one to cook a second dish in parallel or boil water for coffee, grill, etc. The second set of Cross-Members takes almost no extra space in one's kit, while doubling the user's cooking capacity.

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Details and Photos of SIEGE Flat-Pack Stoves
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Photos and Details on Grills and Toasters
* We are all out of P-38's (supply chain disruptions. . .), but have been informed by our supplier that they should be getting more soon.


UPGRADE to the Stainless Steel Gen 3 Flat-Pack Stove

UPGRADE to the Titanium Gen 3 Flat-Pack Stove

SALE: $54.99

SALE: $84.99

IMPORTANT: Cross-Members are NOT included with the upgrade. The upgrade requires you to already have a set of Gen 3 Cross-Members to use with the stove.

This video from Siege Stove co-founder (since retired) and inventor of the Cross-Member concept
shows early versions of the Siege Stoves and accessories in action:

(if the video below doesn't play, you can watch it on YouTube)

The latest Gen III SIEGE Flat-Pack Stove:
Siege Flat-Pack Stove

SIEGE Cross-Members configured with an IKEA canister, and outfitted with Side Toasters and Compact Grill:

Siege universal Cross-Members on an IKEA canister


  • WOOD SCRAPS (BIO-FUEL): Thicker material will burn for longer, and is better for grilling than thinner twigs. A set of loppers is a handy item to have for cutting short sticks of about thumb-thickness. Wood scraps are free and widely available in most places (not much is needed), so you don't need to carry it with you. Sitting around a wood-burning stove is also the most pleasurable experience.
  • CHARCOAL: Widely available. One negative: it’s dirty to handle, but the positives are: it creates minimal smoke, minimal flame, and is less than 1/2 the weight of wood. In Siege Stoves, irregular chunks are better than briquettes.
  • LIQUID FUELS: An alcohol stove can be placed inside a Siege Stove (can be supported at an optimal height on a pair of tent pegs that are threaded horizontally through holes in the wall of the stove). Most liquid fuels are very toxic to breathe. Pure cane alcohol such as Everclear is a healthier choice, but is difficult to get in many states, because of state laws banning high-proof alcohol.
  • SOLID FUEL: Hexamine tablets, such as Esbit can also be supported in a Siege Stove on a small tray. These also produce toxic fumes.
  • GAS: A gas stove can be placed inside a Siege Stove. You will need to select a can that is large enough. A feeder tube can be threaded through a hole you make in the side of the can.

Siege Stoves are made in the USA!

IKEA® is a trademark of IKEA Corp. and is not affiliated with Siege Stoves. We re-sell their Ordnung canisters as a convenience to our customers.

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