Ultimate Camping and Survival Stioves made in the USA
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Siege® Stoves — essential for portable camping / backpacking gear, amd survival packs / bug-out bags / grab-and-go kits.

Wood-burning and Multi-Fuel SIEGE® STOVES— Engineered For Extreme Versatility

We completed our successful Kickstarter Campaign and delivered on time!
At SIEGE STOVES, we make rugged, high-performance stoves in the USA that are built to last generations, using high quality stainless steel and aerospace-grade titanium of a thicker grade than is commonly used in other stoves, and with versatility and features not found in any other stove. We are used to customers emailing us their experiences such as throwing their fragile $150 other stove in a drawer after getting a Siege Stove. Most of us have had experiences with buying cheaply-made products to save money, only have them break soon after, costing us more than if we spent a little more for a durable US-made product in the first place. The good news is that with the Siege Stove you don't have to pay more! Anyone can quickly configure a tough, super stable, high-performance Siege Stove for under $30! Other compact portable stoves with less versatility, capacity, stability, and durabilty typically cost a lot more than this, and one is required to purchase larger versions for family or group use. With the Siege Stove, on the other hand, you can simply swap out a smaller can for a larger one, all the way up to a gallon paint can (with far more fuel and fire capacity than any other compact portable wood-burning stove!).
If space is limited, our Flat-Pack stove is the ultimate high-performance collapsible stove, with loads of fuel capacity, and capabilities not found in other pack-flat stoves.
Roll over the graphic below to learn more about how we designed our Flat-Pack and Canister Stoves to be superior in every way.


SALE on our latest universal Cross-Members and our new Gen 3 SIEGE® Flat-Pack Stoves!

(Also: Clearance sale on SIEGE® Flat-Pack Gen 2 Flat-Pack Stoves!)

Universal Cross-Members: only $21.99 (now on sale for just $19.99) for a set in stainless steel , or $31.99 (on sale for just $29.99) in titanium. With them you can rapidly create the widest array of wood-burning and wood-gas stoves imaginable! You won't find any other stove with this kind of versatility anywhere near this price (or for any price!). One of these stoves — using an IKEA® canister — outperformed all nine other expensive stoves it was compared to in Be Ready magazine's annual survival guide)

Siege Stove Flat-Pack and Canister Stoves

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Siege Stove - the most versatile piece of gear a person can have on them. EDC

Rapidly convert any common can into a high-performance camping / survival stove with the Siege Stove universal Cross-Members
Siege Stove testimonials

"With all the different stove designs one can create, it's like the Swiss Army Knife of camp stoves!"


The Siege Stove utperformed all nine other expensive wood-burning stoves


Siege Stoves outperform other compact portable stoves that cost several times more! In a comparison of ten stoves in Be Ready magazine, the Siege Stove came out the clear winner. The Siege Stove had the fastest boil time (by wide margins), is the most durable, is significantly lighter than stoves, uses far less fuel, burns so well it doesn't need delicate fans and batteries, and is available at a price that blows other stoves right out of the backcountry!

There are essential items that should be in everyone's emergency survival gear, bug-out bag or camping kit. The Siege Stove Cross-Members are
one of them. With this system you can quickly convert food cans of a wide range of sizes, coffee cans, paint cans and IKEA canisters into a powerful, efficient, lightweight, portable stove.
With two nested cans they can even be configured to function as a superior wood gas / gasifier stove!
Two cans of different diameters quickly interlock and the Siege universal Cross-Members lock onto the top and bottom,
to produce a double-walled wood gasification stove with features not found in other wood gasifiers.

WE NEED YOUR HELP: Our customers find us by chance and through word-of-mouth. Whether you just found us or already have a Siege Stove, please help us spread the word on forums and social media, and tell your friends about our USA-made stoves. Even just a mention of our products on bushcraft/prepper/survival/camping/backpacking/outdoor adventure forums will help! Based on all the awesome feedback we consistently receive, we are confident that you will have an excellent experience with a Siege Stove. You will also be helping to inform others so that they can be better prepared. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Siege Flat-Pack Mk II Stove

Siege universal Cross-Members on an IKEA canister

The best multi-fuel DIY camp stove — the Siege Stove. Holds wood scraps, charcoal, alcohol, white gas, solid fuel hexamine tablets and gel fuel.

* Ultra-light Backpacking * Horse, Kayak, Car and Motorcycle Camping * Prepping, Survival / Emergency Preparedness *

Cost savings from using bio-fuel (wood scraps) instead of gas and other synthetic fuel sources for camping stoves. Siege Stove -- the most versatile camping and survival stove on the planet!

Create the best IKEA® stove using the SIEGE® STOVE universal Cross-Members

(Note: IKEA® is a registered trademark of IKEA Corp. and is not in any way associated with Siege Stoves).

Make the ultimate IKEA camp stove DIY. Fastest, most stable, low-cost, powerful, better air flow.

when the mostly brown stuff hits the fan, will you be prepared? You should be! The Siege Stove is an essential item everyong should have in their bug-out bag / grab and go kit, emergency preparedness kit.

For Backpackers: With our unique patent pending cross-members you can quickly turn almost any common can into a strong, stable, lightweight and efficient portable camp stove. The resulting stove has much more fuel capacity than most other collapsible wood fuel camp stoves, and is extremely light for its size. Not just for boiling a mug or small pot of water, the Siege Stove is big enough to grill on! Grill burgers, fish, chicken, etc. This cooking experience is much more satisfying than with other folding stoves, which tend to be very small and precarious. With Siege Stoves you can have a real barbeque! You can save a bundle by using collected wood scraps and the versatile Siege Stove is also a fantastic platform and wind break for non-wood fuel sources (gas, alcohol, solid and gel petroleum-based fuels can be supported on tent pegs inside the stove). Only a very small amount of wood fuel is needed with this efficient stove. Because the cross-members can turn a can of food that you are already carrying into a stove, you don't have to have a separate fire container, so it's a great solution for space and weight-conscious backpackers. We also have an utra-compact titanium Flat Stove that fits either size cross-members and can collapse down to fit in a sandwich bag.

For Campers (horse, kayak, car and motorcycle camping, etc.): The rugged steel or titanium cross-members are virtually indestructible, store flat and work with various food cans (we sell pre-punched cans for your convenience) as well as our titanium Collapsible Stove, which quickly assembles into a large trapezoidal fire container with lots of capacity for fuel. Prepare a meal quickly without having to build a large camp fire. It's also a perfect solution for temporary camp sites where fire pits aren't available and when you want to quickly cook a meal without having to gather the large amount of wood that a pit fire requires.

For Preppers and Survivalists: You won't find a more versatile or durable survival stove anywhere! With a single set of universal EDC cross-members you can quickly turn virtually any large can into a complete cooking kit that is sturdy, stable and has plenty of capacity to hold a substantial fire. If you were to order just one item, the cross-members would be it! For convenience we provide pre-punched cans - use one to store your cross-members, fire starter and other items, or you can purchase our Flat Stove that attaches to the cross-members. We even provide pre-cut wood for those who want the convenience. For extended survival and situations in which you are on the move, nothing beats wood fuel, which can be gathered as needed. Petroleum-based fuels are expensive, you have to carry them with you (adding significant weight and taking up space), and not easily obtainable during disasters. This is the ultimate hobo can stove.

The compact cross-members should be in everyone's grab-and-go pack / bug-out bag or camping kit. With just the cross-members you have a way to turn virtually any large food can into stable and highly effective stove. There simply isn't anything else like it. Put the cross-members in a pocket or pouch, or hang them from a backpack via a lanyard or carabiner and use them with food cans that you carry or find. Any time you empty the contents of a can into a pot or pan to make a meal you will have an empty can you can use as a stove! Simply punch ventilation holes in the can with a pocket knife and you are ready! Keep the can and reuse it. For added convenience we also supply new pre-punched cans, and for an ultra-compact solution we offer the titanium or stainless steel collapsible Flat-Pack Stove.


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Our thanks go out to Survivalblog.com for mentioning our stove products. Survivalblog is a great resource for survival and emergency preparation information.

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