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Simply snap on the Siege Stove universal Cross-Members, and you will have a super high-performance wood-burning and multi-fuel stove, which in Be Ready magazine's review outperformed all the high priced camp stoves it was compared to, by a wide margin.

For all the IKEA camp stove enthusiasts, there is now a much simpler, easier and more stable means of converting an IKEA canister into a stove — no more cutting a big hole in the side of the can to make a way for air to flow out (the Cross-members lift the pot or pan up, so that air can flow out the top of the can), and no more bolting on heavy, unstable legs to lift the canister off the ground. Plus, it disassembles in seconds!

NEW! We recently received a shipment of UNIVERSAL CROSS-MEMBERS.
These have been designed to perfectly fit the IKEA® canisters, plus almost every common food and coffee can, and even paint cans, plus the Siege Collapsible Stove.
With these new ultra-versatile Universal Cross-Members you will have the ultimate in camping and survival gear.

For as little as $22 (sale price $19.99) plus the few dollars that an IKEA® can costs, you can have a phenomenal camp stove.
Compare this to other portable cooking systems, many of which can't come close to the versatility, durability
and cooking capability of these stoves, and most of which sell for several times the price of the Siege Stove!
The combination of price and performance in a compact portable stove is unbeatable.

Add our unique hanging toasters and compact grills and your IKEA hobo can stove will be all tricked out,
and you will have a really awesome camping and survival cooking setup.

IKEA® cutlery drainers and utensil holders are popular items for do-it-yourselfers to make their own hobo stoves.
With our Universal Cross-Members you no longer need to cut up your nice IKEA® canister!
Simply snap the upper cross-members to the top and tap the lower cross-members into the canister floor.


Ultimate IKEA Hobo Stove IKEA Multi-Fuel Stove - Wood-burning, alcohol, soda-can beer can trangia hexamine solid fuel

IKEA® utensil caddys / drainers and kitchen utensil racks make beautiful and very inexpensive hobo stoves. The downside is that they weren't designed to be stoves, so you need a way to elevate them above the ground for ventilation and and also elevate the pot or pan so that air can flow out the top of the can. The new Universal Siege Stove cross-members accomplish both of these things as well as providing greater stability for the stove and for the pot or pan. In addition, with the cross-members you no longer need to cut up your attractive Ikea can to create an air vent or flue at the top! And you don't have to balance the can on rocks or create some other kind of support underneath to allow for air flow through the bottom. You will also have a set of durable, versatile cross-members that can be used with a wide range of food and coffee cans. Together they make a fantastic combination!

For those who want to make the BEST IKEA HOBO STOVE IMAGINABLE, the Siege Stove Cross-Members are the perfect solution. Follow these simple steps to create your own IKEA hobo can stove:

  1. You will need a set of Universal Siege Stove Cross-Members. These cross-members make a fantastic survival tool as they are also compatible with a wide variety of food can sizes as well as our collapsible flat stove.
  2. The first time you use an IKEA can, position and gently tap the lower cross-members into the bottom of the canister using a small rock. First align the center "bullet" with the center hole of the IKEA canister underside. The fangs ("curved spikes") line up with the existing holes and will cut their own notches that extend inward a small amount from these holes. No tools are required! After that first time, the notches will already be in the can, so you can simply press the lower cross-members on. The upper cross-members are just a press-fit on top.  To get them off, you can grip and rip them off, or tap the protruding ends with a small branch.
  3. IKEA Air holes:  There are more air holes in the IKEA canister than in the cans that we supply. Additionally the air holes are larger and they go higher up the sides. Because of the larger holes, and the fact they are go up higher, if there is a breeze the flames tends to lap out around the canister which if you are not careful could heat up the handle, and if it is a Bakelite handle burn it. More air only means the fire burns a bit hotter (consumes the wood faster). While the IKEA is stainless steel, regular cans will last a long time if they are not left outside in the rain to rust. Cans are plentiful, and cans are free (if you like eating the food within.)

There are a lot of Siege Stove fans around the world, particularly in Europe, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In order to make our universal Cross-Members as affordable as possible to our supporters outside the US, we are currently offering this special shipping discount.

Note: This offer is for orders of Titanium Cross-Members only, made possible by their ultra light shipping weight. Please email us your order details, and we will send you a custom PayPal invoice with the reduced shipping rate.

Or, if you plan to order stainless steel Cross-Members, you can take advantage of their very low cost (plus they are on sale!) and low shipping cost relative to other stoves on the market. Order through this page and PayPal will automatically calculate the shipping price before you make the purchase. Thank you!



IKEA Kitchen utensil rack ordning Hobo Can Stove

IKEA Kitchen utensil rack,
stainless steel

IKEA cutlery caddy ordning  Hobo Can Stove

IKEA Cutlery caddy,
stainless steel

IKEA canisters come in two heights with the same diameter. We prefer the shorter Cutlery Caddy, which is what the vast majority of IKEA stove enthusiasts use.
Both sizes will work great with our Universal Cross-Members.

Note: IKEA ® is a registered trademark of IKEA Corporation. Siege Stove Works is not affiliated in any way with IKEA ® or its products.
We are merely providing a cross-member system that can be used in conjunction with IKEA canisters as well as other common cans
to produce a lightweight, compact, portable stove.


Siege Stoves are multi-fuel capable and make very effective fire containers and cooking platforms for a wide variety of fuel types.
You can learn more about them by watching the video on our home page.

Seige Stoves and their unique accessories are finally available! Order yours here

SIEGE STOVES: lightweight, compact, versatile, highly efficient and super-strong

View or print the Siege Stove Flyer (PDF)


Universal Siege Stove Cross-Members

In addition to IKEA kitchen utensil strainers, the versatile Siege Stove cross-members also work with food cans and our collapsible flat stove.
This adaptability makes the cross-members a must-have piece of any survival kit, bug-out-bag or grab-and-go pack, since food cans can usually be easily obtained
(simply empty the food you plan to cook out of a can and into a pot or pan, rinse the empty can,
punch some vent holes and snap on the cross-member to use it as your stove!)

For DIY survivalists and emergency preppers the Siege Stove cross-members
give you the ability to buld your own ultimate survival stove on the fly using any large food can or IKEA canister.

Contact us if you need any assistance or have any questions. We are happy to help!

Ultimate Hobo Stove Survival and Camping Tool


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